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RV Dealership Near New York Helps Retirees Shake Things Up

New York area RV dealer

When you find yourself in the position to retire, it’s an indication of a lot of long days and hard work in the rearview. While it can be tempting to spend your newfound free time taking it easy, a dash of adventure now and then helps to keep things fresh and exciting!

With an RV, you remove a lot of the hassle and logistics that tend to complicate travel, meaning you can enjoy the ride and travel at your own pace. At our New York area RV dealership, we know that many RV owners are creatures of habit, visiting the same destination for vacation each summer. This year, why not shake things up?

Lake George

If you’ve never visited Lake George, you’re missing out on a treasure right in your own backyard! This idyllic destination is the perfect place to unwind, and its location in the Adirondacks is close enough for most New York area recreational vehicle owners to visit even just for a quick weekend away.

Recreational vehicles along Lake George


An entire state might seem a bit wide for a destination on your map, but the entire state is a perfect example of what makes New England so appealing in the summer. From small, bustling towns and fishing communities along the southern coast to inland lakes and mountains, Maine is an impeccable choice. You’ll also find plenty of opportunities for historical sightseeing, artisan shopping, and antiquing along the way!


Speaking of history, you can’t beat Gettysburg National Military Park when it comes to immersing yourself in the past. The battlefield hosts many tours and reenactments, and nearby RV parks make it an easy destination to visit. Better yet, the Gettysburg National Military Park is far from the only historical attraction in the area, so you can easily fill a trip with lots to do.

Whether you’re embarking for a new destination or visiting a familiar favorite, the right RV is sure to help you enjoy any trip! To check out the latest recreational vehicles here at Dylans RV, be sure to contact us by calling (856) 228 0090 today.

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How to RV With Kids

children playing

The toughest critics of any vacation are your kids. If something isn’t fun, isn’t working properly, or their little sibling is bothering them, they are the first ones to let you know. To prevent them driving them (and yourselves) crazy, our Pennsylvania¬†RV dealer has some tips to keep the peace and maximize the entertainment.

Choose The Right RV: This is a critical success to your vacation. They come in various shapes and sizes that can service multiple people in the family. Talk to our staff and we can help navigate the right one for you. Besides sleeping options, you also need to consider what else is important for your family to have in the RV.
Pack Smart: This is a great opportunity for you to compartmentalize and organize your items. Bring a trunk to hold multiple items and use plastic bags within plastic bags to utilize space. Moreover, label things so they are easily found.
Location Matters: It may be obvious, but at Dylan’s RV, we know how crucial it is for Pennsvylania area vacationers to pick the right location. Make sure it’s something in the middle that not only the kids will enjoy, but the parents/guardians paying for the trip.

RV hook up
Bring Flat Sheets: Sometimes, the shape of the RV can configure the bedding size. Bring a flat sheet so that you are always laying on something soft and prevent you from feeling frustrated.
Hook Up Or Not Hook Up? It’s always beneficial to spend a little extra when renting a site that has hooks-up. It will allow you to enjoy mods like fridge, shower, toilet, lights, and much more. Plus, the kids will appreciate feeling comfortable and clean.

Visit Our Pennsylvania Area RV Dealer

When you’re ready to buy or rent an RV, come down to Dylan’s RV and we’ll find the right one for you. We can also more advice towards your next trip that customized for your location. Contact us at (856) 228-0090 if you have any questions.

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RV Camping Adventures In New Jersey

With the warmer weather coming, it’s time to take advantage and plan an incredible vacation with your loved ones and family. Our RV dealership in New Jersey will give you the best suggestions and where to go!

Camping in National Parks

You can enjoy the scenic, green forests, and make your way to the crisp, cool water for a refreshing swim! It gives you the best of both worlds! Look for nearby forest and reserves where you can bring your trailer and park it. You will experience the comfort of being in a cozy RV, but also see what this glorious world has to offer.

Camping At The Beach

Yes, you can camp at the Jersey Shore at states nearby. There are specific campgrounds set up so that you can wake up and smell the sea salt in the air. Enjoy glorious views of the ocean, embrace the gorgeous views, and always find a new activity to do at the beach.

Themed RV Parks

At Dylan’s RV, we know our New Jersey kids cannot resist a fun themed park. Not only can you enjoy entertaining rides, you can experience nature trails, playgrounds, and much more! Depending on where you go, more activities wait for you there.

If you would like to learn about our RV inventory, please contact us at (856) 228-0090.

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Dealer in New Jersey Helps RV Owners Throw Things Into High Gear

Here at our New Jersey RV dealership, we see our customers light up when they first check out a new RV and realize how it’s going to completely overhaul their travel experience. After all, having a home away from home that can go with you anywhere is certainly a much different experience than road tripping in a car or even an SUV.

Recreational vehicle showroom in New Jersey

Even better, a few simple upgrades using commonly found items can help you to have an even more unforgettable experience in your RV. Check out these tips and hacks from our New Jersey dealer to make the most of your new recreational vehicle!

Simple Tips for a Smoother Trip

Even with a spacious RV, it seems like travelers could always use a bit more space to work with. Some simple upgrades can go a long way toward helping you to take advantage of the space you have.

RV storage space

Start by picking up a few hanging shoe racks–the type that are designed to hang on the back of a door. Cutting each row into a separate piece, you can mount them to the sides of your bed to take advantage of that space for storing your footwear or other items. You can hang a full rack in the shower, too, for storing toiletries; just be sure to grab the mesh type for this use so that it dries out.

Speaking of mesh, we find it’s great to have a few collapsible wire-framed clothes hampers around. While these fold flat for easy storage, they have a number of uses as larger containers when traveling or camping. Add a trash bag, and you’ve got a nearly full-size garbage receptacle without the need to tote around a big can that wastes space.

Never neglect the potential for hanging things, either. Inside the RV, sticky-tab hooks make it easy to hang everything from clothes or small shelves to curtains without the need for drilling or screws. Outside, looping cord through aluminum tubing cut to various lengths can allow you to hang items from the track for your awning.

By taking a few steps to maximize your storage space, you can turn your RV experience into a truly exceptional journey! To learn more, or to come check out a new recreational vehicle at Dylans RV, be sure to contact us by calling (856) 228 0090 today.

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Tips For Decorating Your Ride From Our New Jersey RV Dealer

Whether you’ve already purchased a new recreational vehicle from our New Jersey RV dealer or you’re looking to do so in the future, chances are that you’re already daydreaming of how you’re going to take advantage of all that space. After all, having a home-away-from-home for all of your travels gives you the perfect opportunity to bring your sense of style with you on the road!

New Jersey RV showroom

So, how should you go about sprucing up your RV before your next trip? The experts at our dealership have some great ideas to help you get started!

Pick a Theme

While you can certainly start decorating with whatever you come across in your travels, having a theme in mind can go a long way to help you form a cohesive look as you add decor.

Using your RV for camping? Take on the look of a cabin or campsite with quilted pillows, plaid materials, and plenty of natural wood accents like picture frames or other nicknacks. Into a more streamlined look? Stick with stainless steel appliances and crisp, clear lines to take on a futuristic look as you zoom ahead into your next trip!

Adapt Hints of Home for the Road

Just because you’re inside a vehicle doesn’t mean you need to leave many of your favorite creature comforts at home. From the simple relaxation of battery-powered flameless candles to artificial plants, you can capture the same cozy aesthetic you have at home in a road-friendly way with a bit of ingenuity.

RV interior decorations

However you choose to decorate, you can always find fresh ideas for a new look when you visit our New Jersey dealership at your local RV show; we’re always showing off great new ideas and options!

For more information on customizing your RV, as well as our upcoming events, be sure to contact Dylans RV by calling (856) 228 0090 today.

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