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Packing a First Aid Kit for Your RV With Our Maryland Area Dealership

The team at our Maryland area RV dealership knows that you bought your RV or camper to have fun and to embrace your sense of adventure. That adventurous streak certainly shouldn’t come with a sense of recklessness, though. After all, nothing ruins a great trip like an unexpected injury or illness.

If you plan ahead and keep some essentials on hand, though, many unexpected issues can be reduced to minor inconveniences. Whether you’re staying on the pavement or looking to do some camping, a first aid kit is an absolute must-have on any adventure.

So, what should you keep handy? Our travelers have some tips to help ensure that you’re always prepared.

Packing for Your Space and Your Plans

The sort of first aid kit you pack will likely depend a lot on how you plan to use your recreational vehicle, as our Maryland area team can attest. An RV is essentially a home on wheels, so you can probably afford a decent amount of space to emergency supplies and medications. In this case, you can pack similarly to your medicine cabinet at home.

RV interior

Of course, injuries might be a bit more severe on the road, or medical help  might be a bit tougher to access sometimes. In case of things like this, it’s best to be ready for the worst case. In addition to typical bandages, having items like gauze, first aid tape, and butterfly closures can be a good idea.

You shouldn’t rely on what’s on board your RV all the time, either, especially if you enjoy camping, hiking, or exploring your surroundings while outdoors. Always be sure to make or purchase a first aid with the essentials that fits in your backpack for occasions like this. It’s better to carry one and not need it then to be caught without one when the need arises.

First aid supplies for your RV

In both cases, don’t forget about prescription medications that you or your family rely on; you can discuss how best to store and transport these items for travel with your doctor. This is doubly true for emergency medications, such as inhalers or epinephrine injectors. It can be easy to forget these items when you break your usual routine, but having them while traveling is more important than ever.

To learn more about ensuring everyone is safe and prepared on your next RV adventure, don’t hesitate to contact the Dylans RV team by calling (856) 228-0090. We’re always happy to talk about RV and travel prep and to share some of our favorite tips.

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Take a Break From the City of Brotherly Love With Some Fresh Air

Even in a city you love, the itch for wide, open spaces comes to call every now and then. Whether you’re packing up your recreational vehicle to depart on a long awaited adventure or just heading out for a leisurely drive on the weekend, Philadelphia has plenty of scenic routes enjoy.

Ready to roll down the windows and take in the view? Here are a few of our favorite drives near Philly.

New Hope

Making your way to New Hope is always a great choice when you’re looking for picturesque views and a quaint atmosphere. Less than an hour away, New Hope is a quick and easy opportunity to add some peace and quiet to your busy schedule.

New Hope PA

I-95 takes you up along the Delaware, providing views of everything from cityscapes to open country and the river itself. Covered bridges are a nice touch, too. Once you’re in New Hope, you can enjoy great food and antique shops while rarely losing sight of the river. Looking to add more to your day? Nearby Stockton has plenty of great shops and restaurants to enjoy, too.

Lancaster County

As one of the state’s biggest attractions, Amish Country has a hustle and bustle all its own. The lively markets, though, are a very different sort of busy than what you’re used to in Philadelphia. With farm fresh traditional Dutch foods and famous horse-drawn buggies, Lancaster has a lot to offer for a relaxing day.

Lancaster PA

The drive out has a lot to offer, too, with sprawling farmland that offers breathtaking views. Route 741 also passes the Strasburg Railroad, where the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania makes a great stop if you’re looking to break up the drive.

Of course, there are plenty of other great destinations you can reach and still be back home in Philly by bedtime. What are some of your favorite day trips? Contact Dylans RV today and let us know your favorite destinations!

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Keeping Your Pets Happy on Your Next RV Trip Near New York

Traveling with pets

Your four-legged friend may be the perfect traveling companion on your next adventure, but it’s important to keep in mind their unique needs while you explore. Here at our RV showroom near New York, we have plenty of experience traveling with pets, and we’ve taken the time to compile some of our favorite tips to keep you and your pets happy, safe, and healthy on your next outing!

Buckle Up

As any pet owner can attest, every animal will react differently to a new environment, even if it seems familiar. It can be easy to think of your RV as a cross between your living room and your vehicle, but your pet may still act differently than it does in your car or at home.

Even if your pet’s behavior is predictable, ensuring their harness is secured to a seatbelt can keep them safe if an accident occurs while traveling. It also prevents them from trying to climb on your lap or otherwise distract you.

Prepare for the Outdoors

While your RV brings along plenty of comfort, don’t forget to plan for your destination! A leash, a secure lead for when you make camp, a portable water dish, and other outdoor essentials are always a good addition to the items you pack for your pet. Additionally, our RV dealership recommends double checking your pet’s vaccinations, flea, and tick medication before exploring the New York woods or anywhere else they might pick up some undesirable stowaways.

New RVs for sale near New York

Pack Accordingly

Being away from home makes it tougher to react to unexpected situations with your pet. We suggest taking advantage of some of your RV’s ample storage space to pack spare towels, food, and other necessities. While a spilled or forgotten bowl of food might not be much more than an inconvenience at home, for instance, it can be a bigger problem if you’re unprepared on the road.

Planning ahead for your trip can make your pet the perfect addition on your next adventure! To learn more about keeping your pets safe on the go, be sure to contact Dylans RV directly by calling (856) 228-0090. We’re always happy to offer some insight!

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Giant RV Sale, going on NOW!


If you have thought of owning your own RV now is definitely the time! Dylan’s RV Center in Sewell, New Jersey is currently having the largest RV sale of the year! Our prices have been drastically discounted, much lower than RV show or RV sale around! Make this summer one you never forget and experience all of the benefits camping has to offer!

1.See America

Part of living the “American Dream” is to leave the confines of “your state” and venture out to see how other Americans live while embarking on an epic roadtrip. There is no better way to roadtrip than in a luxury RV. Sure, you could just take your car or sleep in a hotel but who would pick that over their own bed?

2.Take your home with you wherever you go

Leave your bags packed for whenever you get the call of the wild. You will never have to use a dirty bathhouse or sleep on the hard ground again! Even cooking is a breeze in your own kitchen with high end appliances.

3.Live Life in Luxury

Roughing it is fun, but then you get older and Dad isn’t there to pitch your tent and Mom isn’t there to cook the meals. Spend more time enjoying your camping trip and less time preparing for it!

4.Make More Memories

Kids never remember the day they beat their high score on a video game but they will always remember the day they caught their first fish or rode their first bike. Give your kids the same memories your parents gave you that you are still cherishing to this day. They will always have time to post to Instagram but they will not always be able to spend the day hiking with you!

5. Take the “normal” out of the every day

Break your routine and stray away from the rut of every day. Imagine doing mindless tasks such as brushing your teeth, but being surrounded by a desert sunrise, or eating dinner around a campfire in the mountains. You can always settle back into a routine, but something exciting happens when you start something new!


RV Dealership Near Maryland Helps First Time Campers Get Ready

It goes without saying that “roughing it” isn’t quite so rough when you’ve got a new recreational vehicle or trailer from our RV dealership near Maryland. After all, RV camping is one of the best ways to bring the essential comforts of home along for the ride when you’re exploring the wide world.

Camping equipment

Even in an RV, though, camping for the first time can be a bit intimidating for some folks. Fortunately, the experts at Dylans RV are here to offer a foundation for your list of essentials to help you pack before your first outing. The list falls into two key categories: essentials for you, and essentials for your RV.

What to Bring for You

Begin by running through your typical day and determining which parts of your routine are coming along on the trip. Brushing your teeth, for instance, is an essential, while shaving might not be depending on your preferences. Run through your typical routine and pack toiletries appropriately. Add a basic first aid kit to your list, regardless of whether you’ll be gone for a night or for weeks. Don’t forget any prescriptions you typically take.

Next, run through linens and clothing to ensure everyone is comfortable on your night away. Additionally, you’ll want to cover personal items like phone chargers and other extras, since RV camping adds that perk into the mix!

What to Bring for Your RV

Even if you’re an experienced camper when it comes to roughing it around Maryland, camping in a recreational vehicle comes with its own special needs. Many of your essentials, though, you can stow away in your RV and leave them there permanently so they’re always onboard when you need them.

RV dealer near Maryland

To keep things running right, you’ll want to have jumper cables, an emergency kit, a tool kit, a sewage hose with the appropriate fittings, spare fuses, extension cords, wheel chocks, and leveling blocks handy. Most of these will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Consumables like RV-friendly toilet paper, though, you’ll want to ensure are stocked before every trip!

If the comfort of an RV sounds like the perfect way for you and your family to explore the great outdoors, then it’s time to get behind the wheel at Dylans RV! Be sure to contact us by calling (856) 228-0090 today.

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