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RV Dealership Near Maryland Helps First Time Campers Get Ready

It goes without saying that “roughing it” isn’t quite so rough when you’ve got a new recreational vehicle or trailer from our RV dealership near Maryland. After all, RV camping is one of the best ways to bring the essential comforts of home along for the ride when you’re exploring the wide world.

Camping equipment

Even in an RV, though, camping for the first time can be a bit intimidating for some folks. Fortunately, the experts at Dylans RV are here to offer a foundation for your list of essentials to help you pack before your first outing. The list falls into two key categories: essentials for you, and essentials for your RV.

What to Bring for You

Begin by running through your typical day and determining which parts of your routine are coming along on the trip. Brushing your teeth, for instance, is an essential, while shaving might not be depending on your preferences. Run through your typical routine and pack toiletries appropriately. Add a basic first aid kit to your list, regardless of whether you’ll be gone for a night or for weeks. Don’t forget any prescriptions you typically take.

Next, run through linens and clothing to ensure everyone is comfortable on your night away. Additionally, you’ll want to cover personal items like phone chargers and other extras, since RV camping adds that perk into the mix!

What to Bring for Your RV

Even if you’re an experienced camper when it comes to roughing it around Maryland, camping in a recreational vehicle comes with its own special needs. Many of your essentials, though, you can stow away in your RV and leave them there permanently so they’re always onboard when you need them.

RV dealer near Maryland

To keep things running right, you’ll want to have jumper cables, an emergency kit, a tool kit, a sewage hose with the appropriate fittings, spare fuses, extension cords, wheel chocks, and leveling blocks handy. Most of these will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Consumables like RV-friendly toilet paper, though, you’ll want to ensure are stocked before every trip!

If the comfort of an RV sounds like the perfect way for you and your family to explore the great outdoors, then it’s time to get behind the wheel at Dylans RV! Be sure to contact us by calling (856) 228-0090 today.

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Tips for Making the Most of an RV Show

If you’re in the market for a new recreational vehicle, there are a lot of ways you can begin your search. While we’ve got plenty for you to explore here at Dylans RV, Pennsylvania and the surrounding states also host plenty of RV shows where you can get a taste for what’s on the market, as well as some of the finer points of the RV lifestyle!

RV show

So, thinking about heading to a nearby RV show to see what all of the buzz is about? Our team has attended plenty, and we’ve got some insider tips to help you make the most out of your day.

Be Ready to Walk

The selection of new RVs at our Pennsylvania area lot covers a lot of ground, but an RV show is a completely different experience. With hundreds of even thousands of RVs setup for you to explore, you can expect to cover a lot of ground over the course of the day. Be sure to wear shoes your comfortable in.

Keep Your Goals in Mind

With so many exciting vehicles to explore at an RV show, it can be tempting to wander aimlessly or to get lost in a vehicle that exceeds your needs or budget. This is all well and fine, but make sure to do this sort of exploring after you’ve taken a look at the types of vehicles that are on your list. No one wants the day to end only to realize they never looked at the vehicles they came to see!

RVs on display near Pennsylvania

Embrace the Lifestyle

Of course, there’s a lot going on at an RV show besides just vehicles on display. You’ll also find plenty of drawings and giveaways, seminars on camp cooking and activities, demos for extras like GPS systems and solar panels, and lots of toys like ATVs and UTVs to check out. This is a great way to get a feel for the RV lifestyle or, if you’ve already got an RV you love, a chance to expand your horizons a bit by exploring something new!

Whatever your goals are at an RV show, it’s sure to be an action packed day with plenty of opportunities to explore. For more information on the RVs you might want to check out, or to come see a few for yourself here at Dylans RV, be sure to contact us by calling (856) 228-0090 today.

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Taking a Taste of NJ Along on Your RV Summer Road Trip

Whether you’re on the road or making camp, keeping your energy up is important while you’re out exploring the world. When you’re in your RV, you get all of the perks of fun camp meals along with the convenience of a kitchen, so don’t be afraid to stray away from the basics. After all, nothing solidifies a trip like a great meal shared with the ones you love.

New RV kitchen

If you’re eager to bring from of your NJ favorites along, our RV dealership has a great day of quality meals for you to try!

Rise & Shine

You might not be able to bring a New Jersey diner along on your next trip, but that’s no reason to miss out on a quality breakfast. Our favorite breakfast cups are a breeze to make, and really hit the spot. Simply line each cup of a muffin pan or drop biscuit pan with a slice of ham, add a dollop of creme fraiche, and add in an egg.

Egg cups

Bake the entire pan until the eggs are the way you like them. If your pan is cast iron, you can even do this over a grill or campfire.

A Midday Pick Me Up, or the End of a Perfect Day

Most travelers at our RV dealer in NJ know that bringing your own kitchen along for the ride makes burgers a breeze, but our all-in-one burgers are even easier. You can make your burger meat, or even shape your patties, beforehand to make things easy.

All-in-one burger patties

Take your favorite chuck–we recommend beef or turkey–and add your favorite spices, bread crumbs, and an egg to make a solid foundation. The trick, though, is to dice up an onion, carrot, and potato to mix in. This way, your patties themselves are self contained meals. You can add a bun and salad to turn this easy lunch into a very satisfying dinner!

Adding new items to your menu is always a great way to spice up your trip, so don’t hesitate to spice things up! If you’ve got a recipe you think the Dylans RV team would love, be sure to contact us by calling (856) 228 0090 to share it.

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RV Dealership Near New York Helps Retirees Shake Things Up

New York area RV dealer

When you find yourself in the position to retire, it’s an indication of a lot of long days and hard work in the rearview. While it can be tempting to spend your newfound free time taking it easy, a dash of adventure now and then helps to keep things fresh and exciting!

With an RV, you remove a lot of the hassle and logistics that tend to complicate travel, meaning you can enjoy the ride and travel at your own pace. At our New York area RV dealership, we know that many RV owners are creatures of habit, visiting the same destination for vacation each summer. This year, why not shake things up?

Lake George

If you’ve never visited Lake George, you’re missing out on a treasure right in your own backyard! This idyllic destination is the perfect place to unwind, and its location in the Adirondacks is close enough for most New York area recreational vehicle owners to visit even just for a quick weekend away.

Recreational vehicles along Lake George


An entire state might seem a bit wide for a destination on your map, but the entire state is a perfect example of what makes New England so appealing in the summer. From small, bustling towns and fishing communities along the southern coast to inland lakes and mountains, Maine is an impeccable choice. You’ll also find plenty of opportunities for historical sightseeing, artisan shopping, and antiquing along the way!


Speaking of history, you can’t beat Gettysburg National Military Park when it comes to immersing yourself in the past. The battlefield hosts many tours and reenactments, and nearby RV parks make it an easy destination to visit. Better yet, the Gettysburg National Military Park is far from the only historical attraction in the area, so you can easily fill a trip with lots to do.

Whether you’re embarking for a new destination or visiting a familiar favorite, the right RV is sure to help you enjoy any trip! To check out the latest recreational vehicles here at Dylans RV, be sure to contact us by calling (856) 228 0090 today.

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How to RV With Kids

children playing

The toughest critics of any vacation are your kids. If something isn’t fun, isn’t working properly, or their little sibling is bothering them, they are the first ones to let you know. To prevent them driving them (and yourselves) crazy, our Pennsylvania¬†RV dealer has some tips to keep the peace and maximize the entertainment.

Choose The Right RV: This is a critical success to your vacation. They come in various shapes and sizes that can service multiple people in the family. Talk to our staff and we can help navigate the right one for you. Besides sleeping options, you also need to consider what else is important for your family to have in the RV.
Pack Smart: This is a great opportunity for you to compartmentalize and organize your items. Bring a trunk to hold multiple items and use plastic bags within plastic bags to utilize space. Moreover, label things so they are easily found.
Location Matters: It may be obvious, but at Dylan’s RV, we know how crucial it is for Pennsvylania area vacationers to pick the right location. Make sure it’s something in the middle that not only the kids will enjoy, but the parents/guardians paying for the trip.

RV hook up
Bring Flat Sheets: Sometimes, the shape of the RV can configure the bedding size. Bring a flat sheet so that you are always laying on something soft and prevent you from feeling frustrated.
Hook Up Or Not Hook Up? It’s always beneficial to spend a little extra when renting a site that has hooks-up. It will allow you to enjoy mods like fridge, shower, toilet, lights, and much more. Plus, the kids will appreciate feeling comfortable and clean.

Visit Our Pennsylvania Area RV Dealer

When you’re ready to buy or rent an RV, come down to Dylan’s RV and we’ll find the right one for you. We can also more advice towards your next trip that customized for your location. Contact us at (856) 228-0090 if you have any questions.

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