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RV accessories

Accessories Your RV Must Have

Here at our RV accessory department near New York, we know that there are a lot of extras that adventurers love to add on to their RVs. From onboard entertainment and decor to customization and comfort, you can trick your RV out just about any way that you want to.

There are some accessories, though, that are truly must-haves. And when we say must-have, we mean it! Some RVs include these items from the get-go, while others will require you to purchase them separately. Here are the items you’ll want to double check that you have before you hit the road!

Putting It in Park

When you reach your destination, you’ll want to make sure that your RV is level and stationary for the night. Whether it’s a designated RV park or an off-the-trail campground, you’ll need a few extras to settle in for the night.

RV wheel chocks

Wheel chocks keep your RV stationary by preventing the wheels from rolling; they’re especially important for travel trailers or accessory trailers, which don’t have built-in parking  mechanisms. You’ll also want a set of levelers which, as the name suggests, ensure that your vehicle is level. This is not only more comfortable, but also necessary to prevent damage to an absorption fridge down the line. If you’re not sure whether or not your model has an absorption fridge, ask our RV experts near New York for the information you need.

Getting Hooked Up

When you’re at an RV park, you can only take advantage of all of the amenities you’re paying for when you have the appropriate connectors. From essentials like water hoses, a water pressure regulator, sewage hoses, and an RV-specific shore power cord to luxuries like a cable TV hookup, you’ll always want to make sure you have the necessities to load up on what you need while unloading what you don’t.

Water hose for RV tank

If you have any questions about the accessories you’ll need for your specific RV or trailer, don’t hesitate to ask the team at Dylans RV! We’re always here to help, so be sure to contact us online or to give us a call at (856) 228-0090 today.

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RV camping

Enjoying a Vacation for Less in Your RV

One of the best parts of owning a recreational vehicle is that you always have the freedom you need to plan a vacation on your terms. Whether you’re heading somewhere without a nearby airport, planning a trip last minute, visiting friends without a guest room, or craving for an experience that’s off the beaten path, our RV dealer near Maryland knows just how great it can be to have the open road ahead of you!

Camping on a budget

Of course, one great benefit is the reduced cost of your trip! With an RV, you save on the cost of a hotel and can also save by shopping for groceries and making meals on your own schedule. When you choose the right destination, you can save even more! Choosing an affordable RV park that’s also relatively close by can give you a full, relaxing vacation for a fraction of the price. Here are a few of our East Coast favorites!

James Island County Park

Just 500 miles or so down the coast, this Charleston, SC, favorite is close enough to keep your fuel costs low but far enough to make for a fulfilling road trip. Once you arrive, you’ll find nightly rates available for south of $50. With wide, sprawling spaces to explore outdoors as well as amusement and water park attractions, this RV park is a must-see for all Maryland area RV owners.

RV campgrounds

Lynchburg/Blue Ridge Parkway Kampgrounds of America

This Kampgrounds of America (KOA) facility in Monroe, VA, is just a hop, skip, and a jump away for Maryland adventurers. With loads of outdoor activities, including a pool, horseshoes, and a stocked fishing pond, this area is a steal with rates from $45/night. If you’re looking for a quick getaway, this could be just the ticket!

Wherever you decide to go, owning an RV is sure to help you take your vacation budget a lot further. For more information on RV travel and how to save, be sure to contact Dylans RV by calling (856) 228-1003 today.

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RV show

Check Us Out on the Road

If you’re thinking about getting an RV, camper, or trailer, it’s important to explore your options in person before making your choice. One of the best opportunities to do this is by attending an RV show, where dealers, retailers, and industry experts have their wares on display so that you can check out different options, ask questions, and really get an intimate understanding of your choices.

For an up close and personal RV experience, come see the Dylans RV team at our next RV show right here in New Jersey!

RV show in Wildwood NJ

Along with other local dealers, we’ll be attending the Wildwood RV Show from October 19th to 21st, 2018, at the Wildwoods Convention Center. The show takes place from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Friday & Saturday, and from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Sunday. In addition to a sprawling selection of RVs to explore, many vehicles will feature clearance pricing. Trade-ins are welcome at the event, as well.

Enjoy the Show

If it’s your first time attending an RV show, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first; RVs are big, after all, and an event that displays them is downright huge. However, comfortable walking shoes and a plan of attack can ensure that the event if helpful, informative, and fun!

New Jersey RV inventory on display

To help make sure you get the most out of it when you come to see us in Wildwood, our New Jersey dealership has put together some RV show tips. Knowing what to expect and how to plan accordingly can set you up to have a great day seeing all of the vehicles, campers, and demonstrations.

If you have any questions leading up to the show, or if you’d rather come check out the RVs right here in our showroom, don’t hesitate to contact the Dylans RV team by calling (856) 228-0090. Be sure to say hi to us at the show!

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RV cooking

Tricks for Cooking In and Out of Your RV

Whether you’re hiking with a tent or parking your RV, one of the best parts of camping is how little prep you need to worry about once you have your basic gear. All you really need to do before a trip is replenish any of your consumables and load up on food. While it can be easy to reach for the same camp-friendly meals every time you head out, our RV dealer near Pennsylvania recommends trying something new to shake things up!


Even with a full RV kitchen at your disposal, cooking over the campfire can be nice when you make camp. Start the day by living a paper bag with bacon, cracking a few eggs inside, and using a stick to roast the whole thing over hot coals for a few minutes. You’ve got a full breakfast in a bag! Just don’t cook it over an open flame, or the greasy bag will catch and you’ll lose your breakfast.

If you’re going to whip something up in the RV, you can save yourself some time, space, and hassle by cracking eggs into a bottle before you leave. No broken shells to worry about, no empty shells to throwaway, and no carton to store! Even better, why not park your new RV at a local market along the way to try this trick out with some fresh eggs from the famous Pennsylvania Dutch farmlands?


Everyone loves macaroni and cheese and, as the chef of the trip, love preparing ahead of time. Combine both by making some macaroni and cheese beforehand and dividing it up into smaller aluminum tie pins coated with non-stick spray.

Personal pan macaroni and cheese

These are great, quick lunches as they can be prepared over the hot coals of your fire or over the stove in your RV’s kitchen. Convenience is key while camping, after all!


Whether it’s a long drive or a day of hiking, you set the stage for the next day’s energy with a nice hearty meal. Quesadillas over the fire are the perfect way to wind down the night. Easy to make and easy to load up with whatever your campers are craving, quesadillas are also a great way to sneak in a few carbs without the space taken up by bread or other baked goods.

Making quesadillas outdoors

Whatever you and your campers decide to eat along the way, having an RV makes it easy to load up on your favorites and to keep everyone full and smiling for the whole trip. For more information on RV traveling, or to schedule a test drive in a new ride at Dylans RV, be sure to contact us by calling (856) 228-1003 today!

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A Full Range of Services for RV Owners in New Jersey

New Jersey RV storage

Whether you take your RV out on the road every weekend or just once or twice a year, caring for it properly is very important. Taking good care of your RV can help to ensure you have what you need for years of fun to come. Of course, proper care depends on the type of RV you have an how you use it.

Fortunately, the team at our New Jersey dealership offers a wide range of assistance through our RV concierge service. Whatever you need to improve your RV ownership experience, we have you covered!


For many RV shoppers, the prospect of storing an RV in their yard or driveway isn’t one that they relish. Home storage may be an easy choice if you use your RV frequently, but it can be less than ideal if you have a long gap between your planned trips. Our secure 10-acre storage facility includes 24-hour surveillance, ensuring that your RV is safe and secure when you store it with us.

New RVs for sale in New Jersey

We strive to provide options for every driver at our New Jersey RV dealership, so our storage facility offers both monthly and six-month storage periods to suit your needs. When you store for a six-month period, you’ll even receive some of our more popular amenities free of charge.


Caring for your RV while it’s stored is important, and we have you covered. While storing your RV, you can opt to have have our team keep everything in running order. This includes starting the engine, starting the generator, checking your RV’s various systems, carrying out any needed maintenance, and seasonal preparation as options to make your life easier.


If you travel frequently, you’ve probably made a habit of straightening up the house before you depart so that you can relax when you get back home. Shouldn’t the same be true for your RV between trips? When you store your RV with us, we can handle interior and exterior detailing so that everything is pristine and perfect when you head back out on the road next time!

Looking to make your RV ownership experience even easier and more enjoyable? Simply contact Dylans RV by calling (856) 228-1003 to learn more about how you can benefit from our concierge service.

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