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Class B RV Craze

 Campervans- America’s camping obsession!

Everyone is going crazy over campervans or more commonly known as Class B RVs. Their compact size may be misleading; they still have all the comforts of home in a small package. From the newest technologies to luxurious sleeping arrangements everyone feels at home on the road. Young couples looking to getaway, small families looking for comfort on the road, and even retirees chasing their life dream; people are downsizing and going small. Dylan’s RV Center offers five different models of Class B motorhomes to choose from! No matter what you’re looking for or whatever your needs may be, we have the perfect RV waiting for you!

Hymer Aktiv


The Hymer Aktiv has more ergonomic features and functionality than you’ve ever experienced, combined with a premium design and feel. The Aktiv seats 4 and sleeps 2 with rear queen size bed. It is a gas Class B RV built on a Ram Chassis. The galley features front dining and an enclosed bathroom with cassette toilet and shower. The kitchen includes a refrigerator, 2 burner stove and microwave. The Aktiv includes a screen package, power awning and HD flat screen TV with DVD player and HDMI hookup. Hymer has also revolutionized the RV industry with ECOTrek and VoltStart technologies.

Fleetwood IROK

The  IROK Class B motorhome breaks tradition by embracing exploration in the modern age. It does so with upgraded features such as Samsung LED Smart TV, Blu-Ray player, ECO charging system, HD digital TV antenna, and all the comforts of home you’ve come to expect from a Fleetwood RV. The IROK is a 21” gas motorhome built on a Dodge Promaster Chassis. It is capable of comfortably sleeping 2 and driving 5. The galley is perfect for cooking your favorite meals with an induction cooktop, microwave, and refrigerator, you’ll feel at home! The wetbath features a porcelain toilet and shower, and the rear lounge is the perfect place to hang out when you’re not on the road!



American Patriot


Road trips are an inspiration, and American destinations move us to explore even more. Ameircan Coach understands this so they designed the Patriot. The American Coach Patriot is a 24’3″ diesel Class B RV built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis for luxurious cross-country adventure. It has a rear lounge that can transform from a sleeping area to a dining room or a living room. The high gloss cabinetry will catch your eye and the high end features will have you feeling right at home. This coach also has solar panels on the roof to give you power even in remote locations.


Regency Xalta

Pennsylvania area RV dealership

If you’re looking for luxury look no further! The Xalta is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with a V6 common rail direct injection turbo diesel engine providing up to 20 MPG while moving down the highway. Inside you will find real American beechwood cabinetry and Leather Touch™ furniture, plus Corian solid surface countertops, and uncompromising sleeping accommodations. The rear lounge and two side jump sofas recline into a master bed. Whether you are looking for good night’s sleep in a remote location, or a nap on the road, rest easy with Regency.

Regency Ultra Brougham

The Regency RV Ultra Brougham motor coach affords couples a consummate luxury overnight experience. From five generous exterior cargo compartments to hold the equipment for your next campfire gathering, to the generous queen-sized Murphy bed and big screen TV positioned perfectly for movie night, the Ultra Brougham makes camping convenient. Like all Regency RVs, the Ultra Brougham is crafted one at a time on the award winning Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. From the detail of our quilted, leather-touch upholstery and hand-crafted American beechwood cabinets, to the ingenious engineering behind our slideout, Murphy bed sleeping arrangements, the Ultra Brougham has more unique features than any

coach in it’s class.

Come to Dylan’s RV Center at 2190 Delsea Drive to see our full range of Class B RVs! You can also visit us online at, or call us at (856)228-0090 to plan your next visit!

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RV cooking

RV Kitchen Hacks

Recreational vehicle kitchen storage

Here at our Pennsylvania area RV dealership, we know that one of the best parts of traveling in your motorhome is having a full fledged kitchen along for the adventure. Whether you’re cooking inside your RV or roasting dinner over a campfire at your campsite, nothing beats having a fridge, appliances, and storage for containers and spices along for the ride. After all, a fresh cooked meal beats a pre-packed snack any time!

One unfortunate side effect of a mobile kitchen, though, is that constantly being in motion can make a mess of things. From spilled containers in the fridge to scrambled cupboard contents, winding roads aren’t exactly conducive to an organized kitchen. Fortunately, the Dylans RV team has some great hacks to help you keep things in order.

Coordinate Your Cookware

Having pots, pans, and storage containers handy is an obvious benefit of having an RV, but it’s not much help if they’re all flying around in your cabinets–not to mention the noise while driving! For starters, we recommend getting a pots and pans set that nests together (where smaller pots fit inside larger ones). This helps you maximize your space. Additionally, buying a gew plastic trays or tubs can help you limit how much they move around inside the cabinets. A tub for your spice containers is practically an essential. We recommend getting square containers, as round ones end up wasting valuable space.

Another great extra is to buy a few tension rods, the kind you’d usually use for curtains. You can size them to fit in your cabinets and act like dividers to keep things from moving around.

Restructure Your Refrigerator

There’s nothing worse than opening the fridge to find spills inside, so we sure to secure things as best you can. Tension rods can work for this, too; just pack things toward the back, then place a tension rod across the front. Don’t forget to take advantage of the drawers, too.

Pick Up in the Pantry

Dry goods tend to be stored on shelves in the pantry, and once again your main goal should be keeping things from tumbling around. A good place to look for organizers for this area is in the office section of a department store. Boxes intended for file folders, mail, or photographs come in many different shapes and sizes. With a little luck, you’ll spot the perfect combination for keeping the pantry in your new RV from our Pennsylvania area dealer nice and neat.

RV kitchen

For more tips on sorting things out in your RV and staying organized, drop us a line! We’re more than happy to show off some storage solutions in our showroom. Just contact Dylans RV online or call us at (856) 228-0090 today.

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How to Get Rid of Foggy Windows

Wherever you’re headed, enjoying the view is one of the best parts of hitting the open road with your RV. When you get a new RV from our Maryland area dealership, you can look forward to enjoying a crystal clear view for years to come.

RV windows and parts near Maryland

If you’ve had your RV for a while, though, you might start to notice that the view from the living area isn’t as clear as it once was. If there’s a sort of fogging or frosting on your windows that you can’t wipe away from the inside or from the outside, it can really detract from your experience on the road. Fortunately, the RV service experts at our Maryland area facility have the information that you need.

Where Does This Fog Come From?

To understand this fogging, you need a basic understanding of how your RV’s windows are built. Your RV has dual-pane windows, which have a bit of air between two window panes. The air in between adds insulation, helping in maintaining the temperature of your RV.

Over time, however, the seal around your windows can wear down and allow moist, humid air to find its way between the panes. When this moisture remains there, it can fog up the inside of the windows as the temperature changes. Even if the moisture evaporates, it can still leave a mineral residue on your window panes.

How Do I Fix It?

Some folks might try to convince you that your windows need to be replaced altogether, but that simply isn’t true. RV experts, like the technicians here at Dylans RV, can remove your windows in order to clean them inside and out. Once that’s done, we can replace them and install a new seal on your windows to prevent the problem from happening again.

Maryland area RV dealer

If foggy windows have been taking away from the comfort and appeal of your motorhome, then it’s time to do something about it! For more information on this process, or any of the services we provide at Dylans RV, be sure to contact us online or by calling (856) 228-0090 today.

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Dylans RV Awards

We know that you have options when choosing where to shop for your next recreational vehicle, but here at Dylans RV we deliver on an experience that you simply won’t find anywhere else. We’re committed to our customers from start to finish, and that dedication shines through when you come to see us.

Award winning RV dealership

In fact, we’re proud to say that our New Jersey RV dealer has been winning awards as a result of our devotion to our customers. If you’re choosing which dealer to visit for your next RV, why not go with an award-winner?

The Latest Accolades at Dylans RV in New Jersey

We’re thrilled to announce a recent influx of awards here at our New Jersey new RV dealer. We’ve received many awards from Statistical Surveys in the past–including #1 Dealer for four years running–and 2018 is no exception. This year, we’ve been recognized as the #1 Class A dealer for both gas and diesel RVs in NJ, as well as the #1 Class C dealer in NJ.

New Jersey RV showroom

We’ve been named New Jersey’s #1 Newmar dealer. Additionally, we brought home two Newmar Excellence Awards: one for Service Excellence, and one for New Coach Delivery Excellence.

That’s right: we will delivery your new RV to you for your convenience after purchase! We know that arranging to come pick up your RV and get your daily vehicle home isn’t always convenient, and we don’t want you to have to go out of your way. Instead, we go out of our way to help you take delivery at your home, work, or wherever you choose.

This sort of award-winning customer service is what you’re after, then set your sights on Dylans RV! We invite you to contact our team by calling (856) 228-0090 today for the personalized assistance that you deserve.

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Best Fall Road Trips Stops in Virginia

The United States is huge, and sometimes it can be almost overwhelming. With so much to see in virtually every state, you can have a big adventure without ever leaving your home country.

In Virginia, there’s plenty to do and see. From hiking trails and untouched natural areas to rich colonial-era history, there’s plenty to check out–and you can do it all in your RV! If you’re planning a trip down the coast, start with a few of our favorite spots in Virginia.

Virginia road trip

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

More than just a theme park, Busch Gardens is an attraction with huge draw for people from all over. In addition to the rides and roller coasters you’d expect–and Busch Gardens certainly has some great ones–you’ll also find great places to eat, opportunities to shop, and a sprawling nature reserve with plenty of wildlife to see.

Better yet, you’ll find the American Heritage RV Park right around the corner, making this a great stop on your trip.


Just outside of Charlottesville, Monticello is the renowned plantation home of Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States. Today, the once-5,000-acre plantation stands as a snapshot out of time, with botanical gardens and buildings that offer captivating tours that the whole family can get wrapped up in.

Jamestown Settlement

Virginia’s rich history covers practically the entire state, and nowhere is that more evident than the Jamestown Settlement. Located just two miles from modern day Jamestown, the settlement was England’s first permanent settlement in the colonies that would become the United States.

Historic Jamestown

Today, the settlement is a living museum with reenactment, reconstructed ships and buildings, and more for you to explore.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your next RV adventure, then Virginia is a great place to start. For more information on road tripping, or to ensure that your RV is ready for your next trip, be sure to contact Dylans RV directly by calling (856) 228-0090 today.

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