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Where to See the Best Fall Foliage on the East Coast

Motor home owners–or at least those who aren’t snowbirds–often look toward the approaching winter season with a melancholy feeling. After all, with the end of summer comes the end of the travel season, right? Not quite. With a motor home, you have front row seats to one of the best aspects of the changing seasons: the breathtaking views as the foliage goes through its annual transition of colors. With winter not here quite yet, there’s still time to fit in another vacation, and if you choose to visit one of these attractions, you’re bound to see some unforgettable sights.

Let the Adirondacks Engulf You

If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right, and you could definitely do worse than a trip to the Adirondacks in Northern New York. Not only does the mountainous region have one of the longest fall foliage seasons in the area, but the official park is also huge – 6 million acres in area, meaning there is more than enough to see and do if you visit. From a good vantage point, you can see orange, red, and brown as far as the eye can see. Due to the park’s immense size, there are many campgrounds for you and your motor home, including Sunset Bay Vacation Resort and a Jellystone Park.

Take a Trip Down the Vermont Byway

Vermont’s Route 100 Byway, which cuts through the middle of the state, running between the Green Mountains and Worcester Ridge, is suitably known as “Vermont’s Main Street.” The 140-mile drive is also one of the most scenic drives in the United States, making it a perfect trip for the fall season. Traveling the road end-to-end would be a great vacation in itself, but you won’t be able to help stopping at one of the many attractions along the way. Along with the many quaint, history-rich towns you’ll pass through, there are plenty of other attractions, including museums, shops, and tons of outdoor activities. As far as sleeping arrangements go, you’re sure to find something in one of Vermont’s 39 state park campgrounds.


Float Along Maine’s Moosehead Lake

Henry David Thoreau once described Moosehead Lake as a gleaming silver platter at the end of the table – an apt description for the Eastern United State’s largest lake. Here, you can take in the beauty of the fall season by floating down the 40-mile-long lake, surrounded only by mountain air, colorful trees, and the quiet of nature. Talk about a vacation! As far as camping goes, Lily Bay State Park and Moosehead Family Campground will probably be your best bets, though there are a few more campgrounds surrounding the lake.

With the changing of the seasons, these spots are sure to be winners, though you’ll want to plan ahead accordingly. Go to early or too late, and you’ll miss the best that the nature of the East Coast has to offer. When getting your trip together, make use of tools like the Weather Channel’s foliage map to ensure that you’re traveling at peak color times. With sights like these, you’ll almost wish it was fall all year round!

Review: 2017 Coachmen Pursuit 31SB

The end of the year is an exciting time to be a motor home enthusiast. While inclimate weather might make travel a bit more difficult, there’s at least one good thing. The year drawing to a close means that motor home manufacturers are beginning to release their new models! Motor homes get better and better every year, and it’s fascinating to see what the industry’s best motor home makers have included in their latest models. Let’s take a look at what Coachmen has included in the newest iteration of their luxury motor home, the Pursuit.

Entertain (or Be Entertained) Inside and Out

When you take your motor home out for a trip, you expect–and rightly so–that your journey and destination will provide all the entertainment you’ll need. But let’s face it: a road trip can get a little dull at times. In the Coachmen Pursuit, you’ll never want for entertainment, as it comes with all the requisite TV and radio features that you expect in a modern motor home. That includes a Bluetooth-enabled radio, a KING Jack TV antenna, and an outdoor entertainment system, too.

A Fully-Featured Home

You should always feel “at home” in your home. As such the Coachmen Pursuit has features that rival not just other motor homes, but all homes in general. Delicate touches, like the stained maple cupboards and drawers, delight the eye. Of course, appearances aren’t everything. With a king-sized bed, porcelain toilet, and shower with skylight overhead, you’ll be living in luxury. There’ll be no shame in inviting your friends, old and new, into your home. An open floor plan, which includes a booth dinette, makes it easy to interact with all your passengers and guests. Forget the radio and TV. Who says you can’t make your own fun?


Be Prepared With Travel Easy Roadside Assistance

You know the benefits of owning a motor home. A professionally-made coach gives you the freedom not only to go wherever you want to go, but to take the comforts of home with you as well. But with all the advantages that traveling with your motor home bring, there is one downside we don’t like to think about. All vehicles are at risk of getting a flat tire or having an engine malfunction, but motor homes are especially tricky to deal with when this happens. Unlike a four-door sedan, you can’t exactly jack the coach up and replace the tire. That’s why the Coachmen Pursuit comes with one year of Travel Easy Roadside Assistance, meaning you can travel freely with peace of mind.

Extra Comforts to Make Your Travel Even Easier

A well-designed, fully-featured motor home is great and all, but what about the perks? Sure enough, the Coachmen Pursuit is full of little details that put it over the top and make it a must-buy. The driver has a tough job at times, especially when parking, but all of that is made easier with a dashboard-mounted backup monitor. A mud room at the stepwell and hidden storage keep your home more easily organized than other motor homes. And as you sit outside and enjoy the sights of wherever you’re calling home that day, you can sit in the comfort of a power-driven patio awning. These aren’t features you find elsewhere very often.

Coachmen’s motto is, “Leader to the Great Outdoors.” As you take the wheel (or passenger’s seat) in this year’s newest Pursuit model, you’ll see why that is. In fact, you might just feel like a leader yourself. It’s an exciting time to be a motor home enthusiast, isn’t it?

How to Make Your Tailgate Party Better Than the Rest

While you might not be too happy that summer is drawing to a close, there is one upside: football season is beginning! And with football games brings the equally fun tailgating parties. While having a motor home makes hosting a tailgate party much easier, don’t think that you can just roll in unprepared. Before you head out to the parking lot, make sure you’re ready with these tips for having the best tailgate party.

Have Plenty of Food at the Ready

It’s a tailgate party, so being well-stocked with food and drinks is pretty much a necessity. Grilling is a time-tested tradition of the tailgate party, so if you really want a legitimate gathering, make sure you pack a grill and all the utensils your guests will need to eat. And don’t forget condiments! Planning your food will require some idea of how many people you expect to join you, so lock down your guest list ahead of time.

While you’ll have a lot on your plate (both literally and figuratively) when hosting a cookout tailgate party, it’s important that you follow food safety guidelines. Keeping raw meats cold and separated from cooked foods will keep everyone healthy and happy. Also be mindful of the trash your group produces. It wouldn’t hurt to pack a few extra garbage bags.


Keep Your Guest Comfortable

You and your tailgate party guests are at an advantage with a motor home. Not only can you keep all your possessions safely kept away, but you also have all the comforts of your motor home within reach. Remember, however, to be prepared. Inform your guests of the limitations of your bathroom and be clear on what parts of your home are off-limits.

If your motor home has an awning, be sure to draw it so you can keep the sun off your guests. You’re likely going to be sitting outside for a good part of the day, and even if it’s cloudy weather, the sun’s UV rays can still have an effect. Sunburn is possible no matter what season of the year it is.

Be Tuned to the Game

What’s a tailgate party without following the action going on in the stadium? You and your guests will want to watch or listen to the game, so at the least, pack a battery-powered radio to set up outside. While your neighbors will probably be listening along on their own devices, stay courteous by not playing your own feed of the game too loudly.

If you really want to impress your group (and everyone else in the lot), you could bring a TV to set up outside. Or, depending on the size of your party, you could invite everyone in to watch it on your motor home’s interior television set. Of course, this requires a generator, so you’ll want to know in advance if the generator you’re using can handle the power draw of such a device.

A tailgate party is all fun and games, but you must still respect any rules of the parking lot. For example, the lot might not permit full-fledged gas grills, or there might be limitations on running a generator. You might not even be allowed to bring a motor home to your local stadium! Doing some research in advance and being organized before the big game day can save a lot of trouble and let you focus on the game and the fun you’ll be having with your friends.

City Highlight: Hershey, Pennsylvania

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last hundred years, you surely know about Hershey’s chocolate. And chances are, you’ve had your fair share of Hershey’s Bars and Kisses. However, not everybody knows that Hershey isn’t just a famous chocolate company – it’s also a city. Hershey, Pennsylvania gets its name from Milton Hershey, philanthropist and founder of the chocolate company, who played a massive part in founding the city.

While the history of Hershey–the man, the city, and the company–is what draws in many visitors, there’s much to see and do, making it a worthy stop on your travels. Here are some things to do if you find yourself in Hershey, or as it’s also known, “Chocolate Town.”

Learn About the Town Built on Chocolate

Even in the slight chance that you’re not a fan of Hershey’s Chocolate, the history of the company, and the man behind it, is fascinating to learn about. Hershey prides itself on its humble beginnings, which you can learn more about at The Hershey Story. This family-friendly museum is packed with exhibits that include both machinery from the original Hershey factory and interactive replica props. And of course, no stop in Hershey is complete without a visit to Hershey’s Chocolate World, where you can learn more about the chocolate and even create your own Hershey bar!


Check Out Other Hershey Attractions

There’s more to Hershey than chocolate. One of the city’s more popular hot spots is Hersheypark, an amusement and water park that has attractions ranging from roller coasters to a Ferris wheel. If you and your family are looking for something a little more laid back, consider a visit to Hershey Gardens, a 23-acre botanical garden that features a butterfly atrium and children’s garden. For a little entertainment, you can see a show at Hershey Theatre or catch a game at Giant Center, home of the Hershey Bears hockey team.

Visit Nearby Locales

While there’s a lot to keep you busy in Hershey, another appealing aspect of the city is its location, which is central to many other Pennsylvania sites worth visiting. Pennsylvania’s capital, Harrisburg, is a half hour’s drive away, and is home to many attractions from the historical to the modern. Gettysburg, another popular historical area, is an hour away from Hershey, but well worth the drive. And Lancaster, about 40 minutes away, is famous for its Amish culture, if you’re interested in learning about a way of life most people seldom see.

Bring Your Motor Home

You shouldn’t have many issues when travelling to the Hershey with your motor home, as there are multiple campgrounds in the nearby surrounding area. Closest to the action is the Harrisburg East Campground, which has tree-shaded campsites that have full hook-up and multiple amenities such as a pool and sports grounds. A little farther away, but still close to downtown Hershey, is the Hersheypark Camping Resort. While this campground has similar amenities to Harrisburg East, choosing to stay here gets you special deals for attractions around town. There’s also Pinch Pond Family Campground, which is about half an hour from Hershey, but offers a more woodsy experience with its location on the pond. If none of these campgrounds piques your interest, remember that there are plenty more campgrounds to choose from.

Hershey is a must-visit for every chocolate lover, but as you can see, there’s much more to the city than its background in sweets. Plus, with its proximity to other Pennsylvania sites of interest, Hershey makes a great base for exploring the south central part of the state. Take a visit to Hershey to see for yourself how it earned its motto, “The Sweetest Place on Earth.”

The Best Motor Home Parks in the Country

The beauty of owning a motor home is that, when you’re behind the wheel, you have the freedom to go almost anywhere. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll actually want to go just anywhere. You want the best! If you’re tired of hitting the same old campgrounds time after time, change things up by visiting one of the following resorts, which are among the best in the United States.

Beaver Dam Campground in Berwick, Maine

Just glancing at the long list of awards that Beaver Dam Campground has to its name should be enough to pique your interest in the park. Taking a look at pictures of the campground, however, is enough to seal the deal. Located on a picturesque, 20-acre pond, Beaver Dam promises to offer an ideal vacation away from the stresses of city life.

That doesn’t mean that your visit has to be free of any fun, though, as the campground boasts such activities as mini golf, canoeing, fishing, and cycling. Plus, with all the amenities that you’d expect in a great campground–including full hook up, Wi-Fi, and even a dog park–there’s no doubt you’ll have a care-free stay at Beaver Dam.


Yosemite National Park in California

Yosemite National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in not just the country, but the entire world. So, it’s natural that camping out here would offer one of the opportunities of a lifetime. There’s a surprising amount of activities you can do here, including biking, hiking, and even golf, but the real reason most visitors come is for the spectacular sights that transcend description.

Yosemite has 13 campsites in total, 10 of which are accessible by motor home. However, you should know that while Yosemite has some of the best views, its campsites don’t get points for convenience for motorhome campers. Unfortunately, they don’t have electrical, water, or sewer hookups, although there are dump stations nearby and limited generator use is allowed on-site. If that doesn’t sound appealing, there are nearby campsites that are still somewhat close to the action and have more of the amenities you might prefer. Do note that Yosemite National Park campgrounds require reservations during the busy season, which lasts from April to September.

Petoskey Motorcoach Resort in Petoskey, Michigan

Petoskey, Michigan is a hotspot for quality motorhome camping, but Petoskey Motorcoach Resort may just be the creme de la creme. Combining the beautiful natural features of Northern Michigan with the professional upkeep of a top-of-the-line resort, this campground simply screams luxury. Along with the immaculately-kept grounds, the resort features five-star amenities that include a tennis court, 9-hole putting course, and pool and spa.

While it may be difficult to leave the pampered experience of the resort, nearby attractions like Sleeping Bear Dunes, Mackinac Island, and Traverse City will beckon you to explore. Tip: try to make your trip in autumn to see the leaves change color – truly a spectacular sight.

America is a big place, and there are many, many campgrounds that offer a large variety of experiences. While the resorts on this list are definite must-visits, there are plenty more out there! Sometimes, the best places you can find are the ones you stumble across serendipitously. The only way to find out is by packing up, jumping in your motorhome, and hitting the road.