How to Make Your Tailgate Party Better Than the Rest

While you might not be too happy that summer is drawing to a close, there is one upside: football season is beginning! And with football games brings the equally fun tailgating parties. While having a motor home makes hosting a tailgate party much easier, don’t think that you can just roll in unprepared. Before you head out to the parking lot, make sure you’re ready with these tips for having the best tailgate party.

Have Plenty of Food at the Ready

It’s a tailgate party, so being well-stocked with food and drinks is pretty much a necessity. Grilling is a time-tested tradition of the tailgate party, so if you really want a legitimate gathering, make sure you pack a grill and all the utensils your guests will need to eat. And don’t forget condiments! Planning your food will require some idea of how many people you expect to join you, so lock down your guest list ahead of time.

While you’ll have a lot on your plate (both literally and figuratively) when hosting a cookout tailgate party, it’s important that you follow food safety guidelines. Keeping raw meats cold and separated from cooked foods will keep everyone healthy and happy. Also be mindful of the trash your group produces. It wouldn’t hurt to pack a few extra garbage bags.


Keep Your Guest Comfortable

You and your tailgate party guests are at an advantage with a motor home. Not only can you keep all your possessions safely kept away, but you also have all the comforts of your motor home within reach. Remember, however, to be prepared. Inform your guests of the limitations of your bathroom and be clear on what parts of your home are off-limits.

If your motor home has an awning, be sure to draw it so you can keep the sun off your guests. You’re likely going to be sitting outside for a good part of the day, and even if it’s cloudy weather, the sun’s UV rays can still have an effect. Sunburn is possible no matter what season of the year it is.

Be Tuned to the Game

What’s a tailgate party without following the action going on in the stadium? You and your guests will want to watch or listen to the game, so at the least, pack a battery-powered radio to set up outside. While your neighbors will probably be listening along on their own devices, stay courteous by not playing your own feed of the game too loudly.

If you really want to impress your group (and everyone else in the lot), you could bring a TV to set up outside. Or, depending on the size of your party, you could invite everyone in to watch it on your motor home’s interior television set. Of course, this requires a generator, so you’ll want to know in advance if the generator you’re using can handle the power draw of such a device.

A tailgate party is all fun and games, but you must still respect any rules of the parking lot. For example, the lot might not permit full-fledged gas grills, or there might be limitations on running a generator. You might not even be allowed to bring a motor home to your local stadium! Doing some research in advance and being organized before the big game day can save a lot of trouble and let you focus on the game and the fun you’ll be having with your friends.