Review: 2017 Coachmen Pursuit 31SB

The end of the year is an exciting time to be a motor home enthusiast. While inclimate weather might make travel a bit more difficult, there’s at least one good thing. The year drawing to a close means that motor home manufacturers are beginning to release their new models! Motor homes get better and better every year, and it’s fascinating to see what the industry’s best motor home makers have included in their latest models. Let’s take a look at what Coachmen has included in the newest iteration of their luxury motor home, the Pursuit.

Entertain (or Be Entertained) Inside and Out

When you take your motor home out for a trip, you expect–and rightly so–that your journey and destination will provide all the entertainment you’ll need. But let’s face it: a road trip can get a little dull at times. In the Coachmen Pursuit, you’ll never want for entertainment, as it comes with all the requisite TV and radio features that you expect in a modern motor home. That includes a Bluetooth-enabled radio, a KING Jack TV antenna, and an outdoor entertainment system, too.

A Fully-Featured Home

You should always feel “at home” in your home. As such the Coachmen Pursuit has features that rival not just other motor homes, but all homes in general. Delicate touches, like the stained maple cupboards and drawers, delight the eye. Of course, appearances aren’t everything. With a king-sized bed, porcelain toilet, and shower with skylight overhead, you’ll be living in luxury. There’ll be no shame in inviting your friends, old and new, into your home. An open floor plan, which includes a booth dinette, makes it easy to interact with all your passengers and guests. Forget the radio and TV. Who says you can’t make your own fun?


Be Prepared With Travel Easy Roadside Assistance

You know the benefits of owning a motor home. A professionally-made coach gives you the freedom not only to go wherever you want to go, but to take the comforts of home with you as well. But with all the advantages that traveling with your motor home bring, there is one downside we don’t like to think about. All vehicles are at risk of getting a flat tire or having an engine malfunction, but motor homes are especially tricky to deal with when this happens. Unlike a four-door sedan, you can’t exactly jack the coach up and replace the tire. That’s why the Coachmen Pursuit comes with one year of Travel Easy Roadside Assistance, meaning you can travel freely with peace of mind.

Extra Comforts to Make Your Travel Even Easier

A well-designed, fully-featured motor home is great and all, but what about the perks? Sure enough, the Coachmen Pursuit is full of little details that put it over the top and make it a must-buy. The driver has a tough job at times, especially when parking, but all of that is made easier with a dashboard-mounted backup monitor. A mud room at the stepwell and hidden storage keep your home more easily organized than other motor homes. And as you sit outside and enjoy the sights of wherever you’re calling home that day, you can sit in the comfort of a power-driven patio awning. These aren’t features you find elsewhere very often.

Coachmen’s motto is, “Leader to the Great Outdoors.” As you take the wheel (or passenger’s seat) in this year’s newest Pursuit model, you’ll see why that is. In fact, you might just feel like a leader yourself. It’s an exciting time to be a motor home enthusiast, isn’t it?