Review: 2017 Forest River Georgetown 3 Series

When you choose to spend a long time on the road with a motor home, you want a coach that isn’t just a great drive. You need something that also provides the comforts any other home would. Forest River is no stranger to making solid–yet comfortable–motor homes, and with its new 2017 Georgetown 3 Series, the everyman’s camper is better than ever. Here are some of the features that make the Georgetown 3 series a great motor home, inside and out.

A Chef’s Dream

Simply put, a traveller cannot subsist on fast food alone. Much of the appeal in the motor home lifestyle derives from the fact that you have the space and ability to bring the comforts of a traditional home along with you – a nice meal included. That’s why budding chefs will find the Georgetown 3 Series so exciting.

The kitchen prep area is one of the biggest and best that you’ll find, with an electric range, over-the-range microwave, and a double sink that includes a pull-out sprayer. That’s not including the plenty of solid surface counter space you’ll have for food prep. And when dinner is ready to be served, you and your guests won’t be cramped for space while you eat at a Dream Dinette Booth.


Outdoor Comfort

Your master-chef dreams aren’t limited to the Georgetown’s interior. One of this model’s stand-out features is the outdoor package, which includes a mini-fridge, sink, and cupboard all accessible from outside. Built within the Georgetown’s siding, these items will ensure that whether you’re taking your meal outside or you’re just snacking, you won’t have to make any unnecessary trips inside.

That isn’t the end of the Georgetown’s outdoor features. Along with those kitchen appliances, you’ll also find a flat-screen TV and speakers embedded within the side of the coach. And with a large awning, all of your happy guests will relax comfortably in the shade while they watch or enjoy a meal.

It’s All in the Details

Naturally, the Georgetown’s more readily-noticed elements are the ones that get all the love, but the finer details of this motor home are nothing to scoff at, either. Take, for instance, the attention paid to saving space without sacrificing convenience. You can see this in the main area’s sofa, which doubles as a hide-a-bed. There’s also the 32-inch TV that sits flush with your cupboards, hiding in plain sight.

These delightful particulars are also to the advantage of the driver and passenger. Side and rear cameras guarantee a safer, easier driving experience, while LED map, bunk, and accent lights will get you where you need to go without causing any distractions. Plus, with heated side mirrors, you’ll never have to worry about being unable to see who’s driving near you.

When it comes to motor home living, you need a coach that feels right, no matter if you’re pushing a full day’s drive or you’ve stopped for the night. The Georgetown 3 Series seems to strike that perfect balance between performance and comfort, for both the people behind the wheel and those along for the ride. And really, that’s just about what you’d expect from the pros at Forest River.