Owning your first motorhome can be an exhilarating experience. Whether you’re hitting the open road with your favorite travel partner in retirement, or the entire family is buckled in and ready to go, a motorhome allows for you to see the country in a way like no other.

Owning your first rig does come with plenty of added responsibility. A larger ride means more consideration for maintenance than your everyday vehicle. To make sure you’re ready for what it takes, here are some motorhome basics for beginners and what you should know as a new owner.

Get To Know Your Rig

Before you head out on an epic adventure, take time to familiarize yourself with your new motorhome. You may want to go to an open parking lot so you can get used to driving a larger vehicle, which can be a challenge at first. Even once you’re comfortable behind the wheel, you’ll do yourself a lot of good if you know as much as possible about your rig. Your new motorhome is a big investment, so treat it like one with the attention and care you give it by knowing it inside and out.

Keep Emergency Tools Readily Available

If you don’t consider yourself much of a mechanic, it may be best to leave maintenance of your rig to a professional. However, you can do yourself a lot of good by having an emergency tool kit readily available. A small tool kit can help you with minor issues under the hood, but it can also come in handy for DIY issues inside your motorhome as well. While you may want to leave the major stuff to a trusted mechanic, you’ll be happy to have an emergency toolkit ready in your rig.


Passengers Should Be Aware Too

When a rig is on the road and in motion, passengers should remain seated until you reach the destination. It’s quite normal for people to think that it’s okay to get up and walk around in a motorhome, but this can cause issues for the driver. Not only does this cause for weight differences while driving, but it can also be distracting to the driver. To keep everyone safe, keep passengers informed while in your rig.

The More You Know…

Your next road trip should be an adventure, but that doesn’t mean it should be an unplanned mess. The more that you know about your trip, the better you’ll be prepared as a motorhome owner. Keep in mind that you’ll have to park and stay in campgrounds, which requires forethought on your behalf. You may also want to consider the terrain that you’ll be driving on, as it may be time to change the tires if they’ve become too warn. While your destination may be forever changing, know as much as you can about your travels for a better experience.

You’ll see places like never before when you are in a motorhome. To make sure that your adventure is as enjoyable as possible, consider these motorhome basics for beginners as what you need to know on the road.

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