RV Meal Tips to Save You Time and Money

Getting ready for your summer camping trips in your new or used RV? Use these RV meal tips to save time, space, and money on your meals while camping!

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Cut Back on Space

One way to be mindful of, and conserve, the space in your RV pantry is by portioning off small or travel size quantities of things like seasonings and similar items rather than taking full size groceries. If you use stackable food storage containers, you can make the most of your RV pantry because you can stack vertically.

RV Meal Tips

Pre-Assemble and Freeze

Save time on meal prep! Pre-cook items like ground beef and for meals like soups and casseroles, combine ingredients in gallon size food storage bags. You can also combine meats with marinades or sauces if you intend to grill them later! Freeze flat to save on space, and you can easily pull something out after breakfast and either let it thaw or place it immediately in a slow cooker.

RV Meal Tips

This tip is especially handy because it’s easy to take the easy way out and go out to eat instead of cooking dinner at the end of a long, fun day spent outside, but having supper already pre-assembled means all you have to do is heat or cook it through!

Plan, Plan, Plan

Save money by writing out a meal plan! Plan the meals you intend to make, purchase and prep the ingredients where possible, and stick to the plan. This is the best way to not overspend your food budget! Include the nights you do intend to eat out, as well as “leftovers” night.

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We can help you pick out a great new or used RV that’s perfect for your family, down to features that help make meals while camping easier, such as an outdoor kitchen or a spacious pantry. Contact us today!

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