When it comes to the high-intensity and fast-paced sport of NASCAR, it is vital that the race cars are protected and that they reach their destination in pristine condition. Though it might be the cars driven by guys like Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart that get all of the glory, it is the NASCAR haulers that should certainly get more credit for their efforts.

NASCAR haulers have changed quite a bit over time. While at one time they may have been used as simply transport vehicles, they are now full-service stations that ensure drivers have everything they need once they get out on the track.

Here is a look at the history of NASCAR haulers and how they have progressed over time.

In The Early Days
It may be hard to believe now, but in the early days of professional racecar driving, there were no such thing as NASCAR haulers. This meant that drivers would actually drive their vehicle from their hometown to the location of the race event.


Not only did this mean that the car would rack up a whole lot of miles along the way, but there were plenty of other variables that could take place as well. For example, imagine a car getting into an accident during the race itself, and you can probably see how difficult it might be to get the car back to the racers hometown.

Flatbed Haulers and Box Trucks

It didn’t take long before racers realized that driving their vehicle to a race wasn’t ideal. Therefore, many of them started hauling their cars on flatbed haulers. However, these haulers offered no protection for the vehicles, which still allowed for a variety of issues when transporting the car.

After a short period of time, NASCAR drivers then transitioned into using box trucks, similar to that which you would see as a moving truck. The idea here was to haul the car behind the truck, while storing all of the vehicle maintenance equipment inside of the box truck itself.

A Dynamic Change

In 1982, Bud Moore was given credit for being one of the first NASCAR owners to bring vehicle to the track in a fully converted trailer. Inside of the Moore’s initial trailers was everything that a race team would need during their weekend at a racing event.

As others teams begin to see what Moore was doing, there was a dynamic change towards using covered haulers. It wasn’t long before other team owners started putting an emphasis on logistics and making even larger NASCAR haulers. This allowed for teams to bring multiple racecars, equipment, and everything else they might need during a racing event.

NASCAR Haulers Today

Today, NASCAR haulers act as full-service auto garages on wheels. They have countless tools, parts, equipment, and much more. In addition, most NASCAR teams have a fleet of haulers, which means they can bring even more equipment with them.

In the sport of NASCAR, you never know what might happen on the track. That is why haulers are such a vital and influential part of the sport, and their inclusion into racing has drastically changed NASCAR as we know it.

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